Exposing Dawah: The Art of Selling Falsehood

Exposing Dawah: The Art of Selling Falsehood 

The logical inconsistent antagonist from among the A'immah and Du'at see no issue in using the (Anti-theist) arguments of liberals, secularist , materialists, atheist, and agnostics while refusing to ever use that same line of thinking on Islam's religious text, aqeedah, or fiqh. I think everyone reading this has heard of Bart Ehrman, He is a textual critic who left Christianity and became a agnostic, if you listen to dawahist like Yusa Evens who rely heavily on the views of  Bart Ehrman  you would think He was the beginning of any authoritative view on the issue of the New Testament. The reality is everyone in the field doesn't agree with Mr Ehrman, foremost of them was his own teacher Bruce  Metzger(died 2007 A.D), who knowing the same evidence and arguments as Mr Ehrman remained a Theist and Christian until the end of his life. Another example would be Darrell Bock a scholar in His own right who has debated Mr Ehrman

I have even had the displeasure of antagonistic Muslims telling me "all your Christian scholars say the Bible is corrupted", a common word repeated in the course of giving "dawah" to non-Muslims. The sad part is many Muslims think that is true, I guess they never heard of the Chicago statement of inerrancy signed by 200 Christian scholars. Maybe if logical consistency was important when giving dawh these people would have realized on their own that if someone denies the Bible they are not a real Christian the same way if someone denied the Quran they couldn't be a real Muslim. I guess it's all fair when making Jihad with the pen!

Everything in Islam begins with Muhammad and the Quran so this methodology of giving dawah by attacking Faith even if it's from an Anti-theist position originated there. If one looks at the first of the two Shahadah's "I bear witness that there is no god but Allah",  Muslim scholars teach that it is divided between a negation and a affirmation. One doesn't begin Islam with a affirmation of what the religion positively teaches, no you begin it with a negation of all belief..even in God himself "la ilaha / There is no god". You can not enter into Islam until you make a statement of Atheism, and then once you recite there is no God, you recite that Allah of Arabia(the lord of the Kabaa in Mecca) is a god. 

This is the line of thinking you would expect from an Anti-Christ religion, and if there is any doubt Muhammad and his revelations are Anti-Christ, I urge you to stop reading and watch my intense Bible study video entitled "What is a Anti-Christ vol 1" that deals with 1 John 2:17-19. In summery the title Anti-Christ is applied to any individual, group, or ideology that seeks to negate Jesus Christ of the Bible and replace Him with another counterfeit. And who did Islam attempt to replace Christ with after 600 some odd years of Christianity affirming that He was thy Divine Messiah promised by the Prophets and Messengers thousands of year prior? I say it wasn't Allah it was Muhammad, because even mere belief in Allah alone brings no one salvation in Islam until they affirm the second Shahadah " Muhammad is His Messenger".

All the different groups in the world are believers in the Oneness of God [tawhid], whether they be bhangis, choorhay-chamaar,Christians, or some other group, but why are they accursed (mala’un)? Because they only say, ’There is no god but Allah’ but omit ‘Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah’. " ... "  When the blessed name of the Chief of Both the Worlds (Muhammad), sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, comes on one’s tongue, all one’s lifetime of blasphemy [kufr], polytheism [shirk], and all one’s sins are erased. "  Naqshbandi Sufi Master Jamaat Ali Shah Sahib quds-sirruhu 

If one wanted to affirm that there is no god but God out of a belief in monotheism, in Islam this would never be accepted(i.e make you Muslim and render you life, blood and wealth halal-off limits to plunder) until you "partnered" that statement with the second shahadah affirming Muhammad. This is the tradition of Islam and the fiqh(legal) ruling of all it's Schools of thought, yet it seems strange when we read passages in the Quran like this that seem to contradict that notion....

"God bears witness that there is no god except He, and so do the angels and THOSE WHO POSSESS KNOWLEDGE. Truthfully and equitably, He is the absolute god; there is no god but He, the Almighty, Most wise." 3:18 

To add to this dilemma every Muslim's Salat(obligatory daily ritual prayer) is incomplete and in danger of rejection until they recite the tashahhud prayer. The tashahhud has many versions but the most common rendered into English is " All compliments, prayers and pure words are due to Allah. Peace be upon you O Prophet, and (on you Prophet be) the mercy of Allah and His blessings. Peace be upon us, and on the righteous slaves of Allah. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger ". Besides again having to mention Muhammad alongside of God, a keen eye should notice that the Muslim must directly address Muhammad during this act of worship, which in any other circumstance would be considered shirk(making a partner with God/polytheism).

Not only is Muhammad to be placed along side of God in one's confession of faith, in violation the First Commandment and Islam's own prohibition on making created beings God's partners, one makes invocations directly to Muhammad during your prayers, but along side all that if you were to refrain from these things out of fear of shirk your Islam is nullified and your life, blood and wealth is halal until you repent. We are told Muhammad is just another Messenger from among the supposed 125,000 other Messengers..a mere human slave, yet if you recite "There is no god but God and Jesus is his Messenger or Hud is His Messenger etc etc" this shahadatan will be rejected and again your life, blood and wealth will still be halal until you confess Muhammad. 

It is clear Muhammad is not just another Messenger and He is intended to be a replacement for the Lord Jesus Christ. Muhammad is to be called Lord(Sayyid) this is one of his 99 names(Muhammad has 99 names like God in Islam), 600 years before Muhammad, the Quran and Islam existed the disciples were claiming Christ Lord and Master, but if you say Jesus is Lord and Master in most Muslim country's today you risk being killed....

Undoubtedly referring to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) as “sayyid (master)” is quite valid, for he (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is our master, and indeed the master of all of mankind. " Salafi Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid 

Not just that but you have classical Muslim scholars saying and authenticating hadeeth that said Muhammad is the "Light" of God, and the whole universe was created just for him to rule over, that Muhammad's soul "Haqiqat al Muhammadiyyah"( The Muhammadan reality)  is the Logos.. the vary essence of reality. You can read about all this in detail HERE.

Muhammad's Quran has the unmitigated gall to deny one of the most attested facts of history the death burial and resurrection of Jesus, yet Islam teachers Muhammad's body after death was not consumed by the gave and that Allah returned His "ruh"(spirit) to Him and He is presently alive in the gave. Not only Is He alive in the gave, but He hears the invocations offered to Him know matter where the invoker may be in creation(All-hearing? All-aware? ) and He replies back.  You can read more about that HERE.

Muhammad applies to himself the role of the eternal high priest who can enter the Holy of Holies God's throne room, like he supposedly did during His Miraj. He will go before God's throne and intercede on the behave of mankind on the Day of judgement, all of these things the Book of Hebrews claims for Jesus Christ. You can read more about this HERE and HERE.

As mentioned before Muhammad just like Allah has 99 names, and from among them are Al Mustapha the chosen one, Al Munji the Savior and Deliverer, As Shafi the Healer, Mujtaba the Elect pre-ordained promised one, Amir the Commander and Master, Haqq the Truth, Awwal the first, Akhir the last, Mubashsir bringer of the Good news, Mahmud the praised one. You can find the same or similar descriptions and names for Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible.

Not only does Muhammad negate Jesus Christ and then replace him in Islam but just as 
1 John 2:17-19 says a attribute of the many Anti-Christ who would emerge in the last days is they originally being close to or among the Church....

They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us." 

When you examine Muhammad pre-Islamic life prior to His claims of Prophet-hood,  you see that He had numerous affiliations to Christianity. According to Islamic sources two of the biggest religious luminaries Muhammad came in contact with were 
Waraqa ibn Naufal a leader of the heretical Ebionite sect in Hijaz(also relative by blood and marriage), Muhammad was a member of the Ahnaf(al-Hanafiyyah) whom Waraqa was a founder of, and when Muhammad had his visitation from the claimed angel Jibrail, His wife Khadijah took him immediately to consult with Waraqa who is the one to tell Muhammad He was a prophet.

Muhammad's pre-Islamic Christian connection had a earlier manifestation in his meeting of 
Sergius the Monk aka Bahira during a trip to Syrian. Bahira like Waraqa was said to be a  heretic, during the middle ages it was highly speculated that it was this Bahira that was giving Muhammad information to put into the Quran. The Quran itself records troubling accusations about Muhammad being accused of receiving His "revelations" from a human source... 

Surah 25:4-5: " Those who disbelieve say: "This is nothing but a lie that he has invented, and others have helped him in it.'' In fact, they have produced an unjust wrong and a lie.  And they say: "Tales of the ancients which he has written down, and they are dictated to him morning and afternoon. "

Also the Quran records....

Surah 16:103 "
And indeed We know that they (polytheists and pagans) say: "It is only a human being who teaches him.'' The tongue of the man they refer to is foreign, while this (the Qur'an) is (in) a clear Arabic tongue (  My Note: this was a Christian blacksmith whom the Prophet (s) used to frequent. source Tafsir al-Jalalayn ).

Tafsir Ibn Kathir says regrading 
Surah 25:4-5 " (and others have helped him in it.) means, he asked other people to help him compile it., " (And they say: "Tales of the ancients which he has written down...'') meaning, the ancients wrote them down, and he has copied it.", "(and they are dictated to him) means, they are read or recited to him.". 

 "Husain the commentator says about this passage that the Prophet was in the habit of going every evening to a Christian to hear the Taurat and Injil." (Hughes' Dictionary of Islam, p. 30, quoting Tafsir-i-Husaini, Sale p. 223 and Muir's Life of Mahomet, p. 72) 

Muhammad was accused of merely reciting the tales of the ancients copied from Christians and Jew's as well as from Persians " It is reported that when Nasr bin Khalid had said to Abu Sufyan, Atbah and Shaybah that the Holy Prophet only recited the tales of the ancients, and he could also relate many fables of the Persians, these verses were revealed."  source Tafsir of Ayatullah Puya on Surah 6:25

There was also the individual Zaid bin 'Amr bin Nufail who befriended Muhammad before He ever claimed Prophet-hood, who having returned to mecca from Syria was also a Ahnaf(al-Hanafiyyah) , having religious teachings about monotheism, slaughtering only for God, and saving the lives of girl children whom the Meccans would kill them after birth..all things Muhammad would later incorporate into Islam. These things are reported in many ahadeeth and in Ibn Ishaq’s Siratu’Rasul.

There also was 
ibn Qumta a convert to Islam from Christianity who returned back to Christianity , it is narrated about him...

"Narrated Anas: There was a Christian who embraced Islam and read Surat-al-Baqara and Al-Imran, and he used to write (the revelations) for the Prophet. Later on he returned to Christianity again and he used to say: "Muhammad knows nothing but what I have written for him ....."   Bukhari Volume 4, Book 56, Number 814
And similar to Ibn Qumta there was 
Abdallah b. Sa‘ad b. Abi Sarh whom it is narrated ...

It was only a Christian slave who was teaching him [Mohammed]; I used to write to him and change whatever I wanted. " The Origins of the Koran:Classic Essays on Islam's Holy Book

As we see the call to Islam is really a call to false man made religion, and a dastardly trick to "call" humankind away from it's only means of salvation and justification The Gospel of Jesus Christ. I to was fooled by this call for a time but by the Grace of God almighty I have been "Called"  out form the world to be a son of God spiritually transformed from the inside out. Now I stand on the true Faith of Abraham alayhi salam, Faith in the Divine Messiah the ultimate Eid al-Adha sacrifice perfect and pure provided by God himself. 

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  1. The reality of the call to Islam is it is really not a call to Monotheism, it is a call to recognize Muhammad as sayyid i.e Lord, Master. It is by way of Muhammad that any Muslim knows Allah, you don't even know what the other Prophets and Messengers said except by way of Muhammad, if you find anything in scripture that is different then what Muhammad said it must either be dismissed or reinterpreted in light of Muhammad!He is the Supreme authority and intercessory for the material world. But how does one take Muhammad as Sayyid when he is dead? Do you just pick the Quran and Hadeeth up and do what you think they say..NO...it's not for the layman or lay woman to make ijtihad(independent reasoning) so it's the Islamic ruling class the ulamah and rulers to decide to do such things. So in reality Islam is not even a call to Muhammad its a call to submit to the Muslim authorities which in the real world plays out as the Ruler and the Grand Mufti's, Shaykh's, and Imam's He appoints.. or in the case of the west the proxy Muslim organizations funded and or affiliated from the Muslim world along with their Mosques ran by Imam's.

  2. @ Umar mmmmm no, its called moderation..which is needed to do things like stop people from flooding the comments with spam unrelated to the post.

  3. Just a minor point, Khalid Yasin has been shown in youtube videos to add in the arabic 'Jesus was just a messenger' before you get to the ila ila ill lala' part...



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